The synergy...

Technology, without sound, informed management is, at best, a fascinating plaything.


Management, without modern technology, cannot hope to compete.


Together? They can be an awesome force.

The scope...

With more than 25 years in the industry, our people put that force to work for our clients around the world every day.


From websites and networks to utra-scalable calculation engines for Wall Street. From top ranked online games to global equity indices. Small business to global finance - our service is the same. The enabling power of technology guided by the wisdom of sound management principles - in service of your business.


The proposition ...

We apply technology to meet your needs.


We can clarify the requirements, design the right solutions, mobilize expert teams with the right skills, and handle any aspect of the project from management and QA to multi-media production. From software architecture to coding and test.


What technology challenge can we solve for you?